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For a fully extended life 

Plastic Vials

Our Ethos

At Austin Biotec, we are dedicated to challenging the aging process, empowering you to live a fuller, healthier life. Whether it's pursuing a new career chapter, witnessing the growth of future generations, or simply enjoying a vigorous life, we believe that maintaining a fit and fully functioning reproductive system combined with aesthetic maintenance is the foundation for a maximum extended life.

Our Services

We offer a combination of individually tailored Fertility Fitness plans and specialist procedures.


Embryonic Stem Cells

The Science

How does it work?

What People Say

Woman Smiling in Suit
Angela, M

These guys changed my life. Gave me hope and allowed me to progress with my plans.

Headshot Portrait
Laura, G

The Austin Biotec team gave me hope where I had none before. After rejection from many doctors, they devised a plan that has allowed me to lose 60lbs, become fertility fit and overcome my depression.

Smiling Mature Woman
Emma, R

My hair was falling out, and a I had low energy and depression due to menopause. After meeting with Austin Biotec, over the next 9 months my hair regrew to a thickness I had never had, my energy returned and my mental health improved tremendously.

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