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Fertility Fitness

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Fertility Fitness

Fertility Fitness is a unique program tailored to your individual requirements that focuses on the connection between lifestyle, fertility and longevity. Studies have shown that if a woman goes through menopause 5 years later than average, she can live an extra 11 years, increasing her lifespan by 13%. 

Understanding this impact on longevity has helped define Austin Biotec’s ethos: That a fully functioning and fit reproductive system combined with aesthetic maintenance is the foundation for fully extending life. Our program will increase your mental and physical fitness, reengage your body's reproductive functions, and provide you with the foundation to continue reducing the effects of aging and fully extend your life.



There is an initial screening of blood work, mental health, and emotional tests with one of our medical specialists to establish a baseline of health and what goals need to be achieved. After a full blood analysis there is a 90 day period of monitoring and personalized consultations in which a specialized diet, exercise, and supplement routine is created and carried out. After that period another set of blood tests and checks are performed before reviewing progress and next steps.



Exercise is the superstructure that will maintain health and extend life. Austin Biotec has developed the HUGs system, a superset exercise routine that is as challenging as the patient wants to make it. The focus is on increasing metabolic rate, muscle and connective tissue strengthening, flexibility, and core stability to reignite the somatic messengers of the endocrine system, specifically those related to the reproductive system of the body.

Utilizing various techniques from plyometrics, calisthenics, resistance bands, and isometrics, these are adapted to your specific needs.



Diet is the foundation stone in building health and longevity. Specialized menus have been created, heavily influenced by the Mediterranean Blue Zones where some of the team come from. These are tailored to the patient's specific body type, blood work, and emotional state, taking into consideration the existing lifestyle to achieve the patient's goals.



To ensure that all the diet and exercise routines are performed correctly and to oversee any changes in supplement requirements, regular consultations are undertaken. They can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on individual requirements.

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Fertility Fitness

The Next Step

Once fitness goals are successfully completed, patients may find only continued maintenance is required.

But the next step could be the Rejuvacyte™️ Program.

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