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The Science

The Science Behind Longevity


Exercise is the single most effective way to extend lifespan. Custom-made routines maximize strength, resilience, and recovery.

Strength & Stamina


A targeted nutrition-rich diet is the foundation of good health. Everything else is built upon this. 

Balanced Nutrition


These can vary depending on current situations. Used to maximize fertility health, supplements are tailored to specifically suit the patient's needs. 

Vitamins & Minerals


Our programs reignite the somatic messengers of the endocrine system, reversing the conditions of aging, while improving overall health.

Hormonal Balance

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Fertility & Lifespan

The Facts

Over the past fifty years average life expectancy has risen from 68 to 78 years, an increase of 13%. It is likely that it will continue to increase throughout this century, with the average lifespan approaching 100 years by 2100. 


However, in the last two years life expectancy has dropped by an average of three years in the United States. One of the issues is the decreased global fertility rate in women and men that is occurring, especially in industrialized countries.  

Numerous studies on humans have shown that the later a woman goes through menopause the longer she will live. Early menopause has been linked to higher risk for adult obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Later menopause and longer reproductive years are linked to decreased CVD risk, and there is a 13% increased chance of exceeding average lifespan.

A recent study in the Netherlands also shows that the later a woman has children, the longer her lifespan. The results showed that a woman would live an extra 22 days for each year later in life she has children. While this is only a marginal increase, it clearly shows that there is a link between menopause and longevity.

Why is this the case? To fully understand this we have to look at the way humans are designed. We are an organism based on sexual reproduction, and therefore our bodies are designed to pass on our genes through meiosis. The traits that we need for this are what society regards as healthy and youthful. We have found a way to maintain these characteristic by reigniting the somatic messengers of the endocrine system, thereby showing the body how to keep them active.

Our studies have shown, however, that this is a layered approach, with the classic areas of diet, exercise, and mental health being addressed before moving on to peptides, supplements, and stem cell procedures.

The Science Behind Ovarian Rejuvenation

Rejuvacyte™️ is a set of procedures that involves extracting autologous mesenchymal stem cells and centrifuging the extract into a concentrate. Exosomes are then added and the mixture is reapplied to the areas of the reproductive system that require rejuvenation. 

Initially we created specialized menus to maximize the production of fertility hormones (estrogen & progesterone), and to aid in weight management, with the aim to achieve an optimal BMI between 19 to 23. Secondarily, the team created the HUGs routine which is a superset comprised of metabolism-increasing core, upper body, and aesthetic exercises. Each candidate was given a tailored routine designed to improve core muscle control and build strength in areas that were needed. Finally, we looked at supplements to augment health.

The results of Rejuvacyte™️ have been an 85% success rate in terms of improvement of the menstrual cycle volume and regularity, or full resumption of menstrual cycle.

This reignites the somatic messengers of the endocrine system related to sexual function and reproduction, decreasing the aging of the body.

The effectiveness of the procedure can last up to three years before it needs to be repeated, which means that a single procedure can reignite the system and keep you youthful for up to 36 months.

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